Bringing minority communities together and creating success stories is something that everyone should focus on. Working together is what we need in our world right now!

The Ambassador is focused on minority communities gaining resources to better themselves and the people around them. Author Rachel Walton has helped countless people within communities become leaders, and help others to work towards a better future. When we focus on the positive, and work hard on a common goal, we as community members can make a big difference. This book is all about shining a light on those minority communities and showing everyone what they are made of!

“My name is Natalie Mueller, a student at University of Northampton, I live in Colchester, Essex, England. I highly recommend Rachel’s ‘The ambassador Program for community outreach and growing leaders. The program provided me with more insight and knowledge about leadership. As a student, the ambassador program gives opportunities such as training and to be able to discover all that the organization has to offer about exploring and protecting ethnic minorities in the local community.” - Natalie Mueller, student at University of Northampton

“Rachel has given our students a space to discuss their experiences and feelings meeting a need that was previously going unmet. They have already grown in confidence enormously in the short time that Rachel has worked with them so far, and they are so excited for her return! She is helping them to celebrate themselves as individuals and celebrate their culture and history through the ambassador program. I am confident that the program will have an immeasurable effect on their self-esteem and will equip them with important skills which will stay with them well into their adult lives. Our school is so grateful for Rachel’s time, expertise and wisdom.” - Lauren Humbles, teacher at East Bergholt High School

“I have worked with Rachel on this program for over a year. She is a true inspiration, I have witnessed the women grow in confidence through the training offered, and perhaps more importantly, with Rachels support and mentorship they have become true Ambassadors for their communities.” - Yovone Cook, Community Enabling Manager of Colchester Borough Council

“I met Rachel in 2015 when she delivered cultural awareness training for the East of England ‘Acquiring Cultural Competence, Equalities, Successful Safeguarding project’ a project aimed at developing professionals understanding of intercultural competence with regards to issues affecting women who had recently migrated to the UK from outside the European Union. Rachel’s knowledge, experience and passion for the work she does and the communities she supports is outstanding and inspiring, I am honored to continually learn and partnership work with Rachel.” - Rachel Heathcock, Senior policy Officer – Equality in Health and Cultural Awareness in Neonatal and Maternity Care

The Ambassador

Growing Community Leaders

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