The Ambassador

Growing Community Leaders

Bringing minority communities together and creating success stories is something that everyone should focus on. Working together is what we need in our world right now!

The Ambassador is focused on minority communities gaining resources to better themselves and the people around them. Author Rachel Walton has helped countless people within communities become leaders, and help others to work towards a better future. When we focus on the positive, and work hard on a common goal, we as community members can make a big difference. This book is all about shining a light on those minority communities and showing everyone what they are made of!

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About the Author

Rachel Nyambura Walton is a trainer and with a strong background in community development, in 2018 was recognized by the Queen for her notable contribution in her own community. Rachel has been instrumental in forming direct links with ethnic minority groups and individuals. Her work through training, development, capacity building aims to bridge the gap between under represented ethnic minority groups and access to public services. Rachel is currently working with a special needs school in exploring how to involve the children in the wider community activities as well as develop tools/pillars that would help the parents grow stronger & more resilient, become their own experts by researching on therapies that connect with their roots and most of all be an advocate for their own children.

Rachel has been actively involved in a number of local initiatives including co-ordination of well-being/keep-fit activities that was funded by Primary Care Trust (PCT) that reached out to Chinese, Nepalese, Bangladeshi and Indian communities and Pathway to Employment for ethnic minority groups. One of the curators in Super Black exhibition at Firstsite on what it means to be Black in England & Tell me the Story exhibition and participated in the Adorn Exhibition at the Colchester Castle Museum. Delivered Cultural Awareness training to professionals through East of England Local Government Association (Strategic Migration Partnership) and contributed an article on cultural diversity in Acquiring Cultural Competence, Equalities, Successful Safeguarding (ACCESS) booklet & importance of breastfeeding NCT Magazine Involved in developing women & organizations in person-centred way through the Community Ambassadors’ Program in collaboration with Stop the Traffik. Working with Essex Active on well-being/exercise programs as well as introducing them to communities and other numerous projects with other organisations helping to address inequalities. Additionally, initiated a Youth Club which runs every Saturday at the heart of Colchester town The Essex County Youth Service Townhouse this is in partnership with Essex County Council Youth Service.

The Ambassador

Growing Community Leaders

Chapter 1 “Closed Doors Conference”

A formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days.

Chapter 2 “Open Doors Conference”

A process of actively listening to agree the next plan of action through initial talks of a formal

Chapter 3 “ Engagement”

After opening the ‘can of worms’ an open dialogue of people with shared interests follows

Chapter 4 “Uhuru Project: Community Ambassadors”

Co-creating ideas with Ambassadors and linking Uhuru Project with statutory & voluntary organizations for sustainability.

Chapter 5 “ Investment”

‘Awards For All’ National Lottery Fund enables the dream of Uhuru Project to come true

Chapter 6 “ Challenges and Opportunities”

Challenges & Opportunities create a pathway for the Uhuru Project to move to higher heights.

Chapter 7 “ Collaboration with other Agencies”

Collaboration a powerful tool that brings an enriching experience to the Uhuru Project and agencies

Chapter 8 “Way Forward”

Knocking on new doors and embracing new ideas with an open mind

Chapter 9 “ Testimonials”

The power of testimonials, endorsements, feedback & shared learning to support writing of funding bids.

Chapter 10 “Through the eyes of Kate”

As a result of working in partnership, Kate emerges with an enriching experience.

The Ambassador

Growing Community Leaders

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