The Ambassador

Growing Community Leaders

By Rachel Nyambura Walton

  • Raises awareness of how you can grow community leaders by providing tools that increase their capability to shape their communities.
  • Raises awareness on the impact of cultural background and ethnicity on access to local services and initiatives.
  • Identifies ways of linking into local ethnic minority communities and appropriate ways to respond to their needs more effectively in a practical and cost-efficient way.

Why you should read the book

  • It will enable you to harness the cultural & local knowledge that the Community Ambassadors possess.
  • It will enable you to identify outreach strategies, provision of information in appropriate format and ways of engaging with the ethnic minorities.

My purpose for writing this book

To educate & enrich public service professionals, institutions, corporate, third sector organizations and community based groups on how to operate more effectively in a multi-cultural environment. Additionally, support you to harness the local and cultural knowledge that Community Ambassadors possess.

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